Private Mini AI

A standalone commercial AI system that balances enterprise data security and privacy
Fully customizable deep learning tailored to your domain

Compatible Language Learning Model


GPT-4 by OpenAI


LLaMa by Meta AI


LaMDA by Google


PaLM2 by Google


Flamingo by DeepMind

A standalone commercial AI system for enterprise data security

Private Mini AI is a breakthrough system focused on catering AI and data security needs for enterprise. We provide comprehensive and customizable deep learning capabilities so you can build a tailored AI system that fits your specific requirements.

Ensure absolute data safety with private servers

Prevent data breaches and block any external threats or unauthorized access. At Private Mini AI, we understand the importance of data privacy and confidentiality. We will use private cloud servers or dedicated servers to fully secure your data and minimize any potential leakage or compromise.

Empower your business with AI

Integrate AI applications to enhance your workflow. We combine the prowers of artificial intelligence to ignite team productivity and efficiency, enabling them to accomplish more in less time and improve your business performance. 

Limitless possibilities for your creative engine, applicable worldwide

Our flexible and adaptable system provides users globally with the ideal AI solutions for any industry and market. 

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